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Franki Skye was initially created in Sweden by Victoria Hall, in September 2008. As a young high-school graduate, inspiration and possibilities were her primary interest. Always wanting to know what’s new and innovative, she spent large portions of her time searching for exactly that. Victoria eventually decided to begin to share the collected knowledge and information with whom ever was interested, and created a ‘Franki Skye’ as a platform.

FRANKI SKYE was originally established as a “blog”, or more willingly referred to as a “board” and a platform for the sharing of ideas, finds, and interests concerning everything from Fashion, literature, Life issues, to Interior design and much more. Franki Skye has now branched out and taken the first steps to becoming more with the website

As a continuation of the simple concept of sharing knowledge, the new website continues to have Fashion as it’s the primary focus. However, it will also feature more articles about important issues, “how to’ guides”, and plenty more.

As Victoria also has a strong interest in graphic design, she is continuously developing and revamping the look and feel of the Franki Skye website, in support of the concept of innovation, inspiration, and style.

After moving to Vancouver, Canada, in March 2009, Victoria continues to write with an ever changing perspective and outlook, effected by the internships and opportunities she experiences within the Fashion and Creative world.

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